May 29, 2023


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What to Know About Types of Bezel Engagement Rings

Bezel Engagement Ring Setting: The Major Pros & Cons you Must Know

Engagement rings have become customary, that’s why a proposal wouldn’t be a success without a diamond ring involved. Engagement rings come in many forms, the most popularly given by men to the woman they love are diamond engagement rings. Since they are the most expensive ones and it has been tradition practice to give the most expensive ring a man could afford to her bride to be during the engagement event. With all the engagement rings available let’s focus on types of bezel engagement rings for now. A lot of factors should be considered when picking an engagement rings such as:


  • The Preference of the Women

Every girl is unique as they say, you know your woman well so you should get a ring that can impress her. Consider the shapes she likes, her favorite color, or even her skin tone. Pick a ring that can match her and you will never go wrong in selecting the perfect engagement ring for her.


  • Budget

When planning to propose it will be wise to save early to be able to hit the budget you are aiming for. Two months salary is good enough for an engagement ring, however if you have a ring in mind then you should know how much you need to have.


  • Details of The Engagement Rings

When getting a ring we don’t only talk about the diamond in it. Factors such as the settings, design and other elements to consider are to be detailed. Especially if you are aiming to make your engagement ring as unique as possible. Here are some types of bezel engagement ring you can choose from.


Types Bezel Engagement Ring

Bezel Set Diamond Ring

Diamonds are the number one gemstones you will consider when choosing a center stone for your engagement rings. For bezel settings any shape will do but round ones are the best choice. They are common but through customizing your ring it can become more unique. In Bezel type rings the center stone is enclosed by a metal rim which makes it more protected compared with other settings. There are two types of bezel settings, and they are as follows:


  • Full Bezel Rings are the ones whose center stone is fully enclosed by a metal ring.
  • Half Bezel Rings are ones whose   is only partially enclosed by a metal ring.

Bezel Set Engagement Ring

After engagement comes the wedding and rings are needed again for this occasion worry not because  bezel set engagement rings are made for those who want their wedding ring to match their engagement rings and this will be a perfect choice for you. Getting a set can make it more convenient for you since you have to decide just once on the designs, settings and all the details for the rings. Ready-made sets are also available if you prefer not to have it customized.

Vintage Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Bezel setting engagement rings come in many kinds; one of this is the vintage bezel set engagement rings. Women who are fond of antique designs would love them. For this type of bezel setting any shapes of stones will surely match it plus accessorizing it with small stones on the side of the shank will make its design intricate.

Halo Bezel Setting Ring

A Halo bezel diamond ring will be a good choice if your partner loves something sparkly. Diamond sparks indeed but using halo bezel setting can make its brilliance shine more! The effect will make the center stone appear bigger and more prominent making it more eye catching.


Bezel setting engagement rings can be a good choice since they are more durable because of the metal rim surrounding the center stone.It protects it from   easy damage , especially if your girl is an active person. She doesn’t have to worry about scratching her ring or getting caught from things. There are a lot of types of bezel engagement rings you can choose from , with these options you will surely love one . What’s more, jewelers are willing to assist you on what is best when it comes to customizing your bezel engagement ring so it can fit into your preferences. So choose one now and get ready to make your proposal.